Signed contract of general contractor for M & E of Hoai Duc

REMEN Contractor Signed contract of general contractor for M & E of Hoai Duc – Tan Lap, Dan Phuong, Ha Noi

In co-operation with the Vingroup project system, REMEN contractor was selected as a contractual partner to carry out the general M&E contractor of Vinmart projects, including 400 Vinmart projects throughout of the Country. The first project was Vinmart Hoai Duc in Tan Tay Do urban area, Tan Lap, Dan Phuong district, Hanoi was contracted and kicked off on 8/11/2016. With the urgency required by the owner in just two months for each project, this is also a big challenge for the general M&E contractor works, because they are affected a lot by the construction work. The job requires a high degree of precision between the contractors to ensure quality and schedule … REMEN contractors’ leader and workers always put a determination to “please customers” on the top and Then fiercely racing against time. 

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