Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Go together with the M&E works REMEN always focus on maintaining operating system with the best conditions and maximum efficiency to minimize operating costs and to investors. So M&E maintenance works REMEN always focused test and calibrate the equipment to eliminate or prevent the malfunction of equipment damaged or parts of the M&E systems. Based on the actual situation of the device as well as the requirements of each individual customer ….

Scope of services includes:
– Support directly (by phone)
– Support monitoring via Email
– 24/7 emergency support
– Maintain regular preventive and warning errors that may occur due to the liability for damage

The scope of work includes:
– Check the status of the device including the mechanical and electrical.
– Collect data and operating parameters of the machine.
– Detection of damage can occur and reported to Customers.
– Replacement parts periodically
– Maintain the machine in a clean condition, safe and ensure good performance.
– Detailed reports device status and the job was done.
– Let customers make plans to fix the earliest and most reasonable