Hanoi Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REMEN) is a contractor specializing in clean room construction for projects in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor industry.

Clean room design

Design and construction of clean room system for pharmaceutical, food, veterinary medicine or laboratory according to GMP-WHO standards.
Design and construction of clean room for warehouse system according to GSP standard
Design Panel EPS, PU, ​​GlassWool … floor Epoxy, Vinyl
Installation of panel doors, PVC, … for clean room
Design, manufacture and install ventilation, hepa box, FFU, BFU, … accessories for HVAC
Design and construction of water supply and drainage systems, electric and control systems for cleanroom systems.
Complete consulting GSP, GLP, GMP-WHO …
… ..

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From construction experience and expertise through large-scale projects, Remen is the cleanroom construction company chosen by many investors, such as B.Braun factory, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology , …

Depending on the requirements of the investor, REMEN will implement different levels of cleanliness, from Class 100 to Class 100, such as B.Braun and National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, all use Class 10.000.

Clean room items that we have designed and constructed:

Central air conditioning system
Ventilation system
Lighting system for clean room
Sterilization system for clean room
Install panel for clean room

When you need to find out or design and install the cleanroom system, please contact REMEN immediately for the best quality of advice and support in the quickest time.

– Pharmacy: Help to ensure sterile environment for the production of medicines, medical equipment … to ensure that the products in the clean environment is best preserved and can not cause complications for patients. .

Hospital Lab
Hospital Lab

– Food: Design and construction environment to minimize the spread of bacteria in the production process, helping to preserve food better.

As we all know, if the food is stored under normal conditions, it can adversely affect the quality, such as the damage to the milk, confectionery, etc., which makes the products susceptible to metamorphism and danger. for users. Therefore, creating the best preservation environment is essential, clean environment is the best choice right now.

Cosmetics: Most cosmetic products require preservation in normal temperature to avoid damaging the ingredients in the cosmetic, causing adverse effects on the skin, hair, etc. of the user. .

In the production process too, the clean room environment minimizes the detrimental factors of cosmetic ingredients, making the production process and preserving the best.

– Electronics Semiconductor: With the growing technology nowadays, semiconductor devices are more sophisticated, more functional and smaller, so even the smallest particle can break. destroying boards or electronic chips, etc.

The production and maintenance of semiconductor devices in a clean room environment eliminates dust particles that affect microchips, chips, etc., ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the product.

– Operating theater: If the operating room is not sterile, it is a very serious risk to the patient, they are very susceptible to postoperative infection and will cause unforeseen complications.

A clean, sterile surgical room will ensure patients are safer after surgery, no longer have to worry about infection after surgery, most operating rooms in all hospitals must are sterile and checked regularly.

Step 1: Receive request and conduct survey

When receiving the request from customers, REMEN will send clean room experts from the company to discuss directly with customers to survey, measure the parameters at the place of installation according to the requirements of customers and Our expertise to provide the most appropriate preliminary solution.

Step 2: Conduct the drawing design.

Based on requirements from customers, the parameters measured from the previous such as structure, area, pressure, air flow, … we will proceed to redesign the clean room technical drawing The most complete from the structure, installation equipment, … meet the requirements of the project and customers.

Step 3: Carry out the installation

The design of the clean room above will be agreed with the customer, then the removal, quotation and agreement on the plan and installation process, clean room construction for the project.

The installation steps, equipment used, materials, … are all strict standards in the clean room. Surveillance will be carried out simultaneously by the two parties due to our top techniques and experts to ensure the tightness, pressure and standard of dust in the room meet the requirements as agreed before.

Step 4: Checking and putting into use.

Step 5: Perform maintenance works as originally committed with the customer.



If you have any need for consultancy, design or construction clean room please contact the contractor specializing in clean room REMEN Hotline 0987 623 668 for the earliest advice from leading experts, or send Ask for us at the address.

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