More than 10 years of experience.
Founded in 2007 by experienced engineers, Remen has made hundreds of projects since its inception. Excellently completed construction items, Remen has provided the customers with the most appropriate technical solutions to meet the criteria of quality, fine art and reasonable price.

Today, M&E projects are more creative than ever. This, in turn, pushes the limits of technical skill and demands for higher standards such as safety, system support and other special requirements. Remen is committed to supporting and fulfilling these special requirements.

With its rigorous control of the design, installation and post-installation stages of international standards, Remen can respond flexibly to the special requirements of the project, such as time constraints. abnormalities or budget constraints …

Feature Projects.
Each completed project brings us precious experiences to apply to the most challenging projects to come. Each success will lead the way Remen closer to become the most qualified electrical contractor in Vietnam, always ready to design, install and support all systems for your project. Here are our typical projects, marking Remen’s growing momentum


With a team of experienced engineers, we are always ready to respond immediately to your problem reports. Remen’s staff will support at least 4 hours after receiving calls from customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, at least 12 hours for other areas at Vietnam.