Completed construction of “Ice bank” system at Honda factory in Ha Nam

REMEN Contractor completed construction of “Ice bank” system at Honda factory in Ha Nam – Dong Van IP, Phu Ly, Ha Nam, Vietnam.

After the effort during the four months of construction works to ensure safety, quality and progress. On 5th May, 2016, REMEN contractor completed the construction and handed over the “Ice Bank” system to the owner for commissioning and putting into use. This system has been evaluated by the owner of HONDA Vietnam Co., Ltd to perform well in accordance with the original design requirements, the contractor fully meets the strictest standards throughout the construction process. This is one of the markers that the contractor has made for environmental protection work that brings sustainable development for FDI enterprises operating in Vietnam in particular and for investors around the globe in general.

REMEN Contractor would like to thank Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. for creating the best conditions for the contractor to complete the work and always expect the cooperation will continue in the coming time.


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