Hanoi Refrigerant Electrical Mechanical Engineering Joint Stock Company was established by experienced engineers in the fields of design, equipment supply, construction and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and air conditioning systems. water, electricity, electricity control ….
Remen is a professional company in the field of electrical engineering and construction has affirmed its position in the market with a lot of experience under the projects have participated in the construction.
We always appreciate and have absolute trust from domestic and foreign customers as now.

01. Good management organization

Professional models, which show the full range of optimality, flexibility, reliability, economy and security in the work environment to achieve the highest efficiency in the organization and management. promote the development of the company.

02. Financial health

With consistent growth rates each year, the company’s net working capital is growing, Remen is on the move to become the leading mechanical contractor in the market today. Ensure that the financial resources are maintained in a balanced way to support the development of the company.

03. Professional training

The team of engineers from over 10 years of experience. Owning dedicated and professional M & E resources, Remen will be the driving force for future development…

04. Keep faith

Over the years, maintaining the prestige has contributed to the company standing firm in the market. By preserving prestige, brand; Concerned about the well-being of employees, the Company has stabilized, maintained and increasingly developed, greatly improving the lives of workers.

Capacity profile

Continuing to accumulate experience and improve from the work has been done to be ready for new works. Remen is growing and getting closer to being the best electromechanical contractor. Along with Remen, we look back on our years of development.


Open a Company Remen

2007 was the year Remen was founded with many works marking the footsteps and success of the most professional electromechanical contractor brands. Typical projects such as Hoya Glass Disk Vietnam Factory, Aikawa Vietnam Factory, Nakashima Vietnam, Sumitomo Bakelite, …


Following successes from the 2007 projects

Experience and success from the electromechanical projects of Japanese-invested factories, Remen continues to be the main contractor for a number of other plants such as Toyota Boshoku Hai Phong, Toyota Boshoku Hanoi, Yamaha Vietnam, Toho Vietnam.


Became the main contractor for Meliphar factory

In addition to completing the works under construction at the end of 2008, Remen continues to be the main contractor for the M&E system of Me Linh – Meliphar pharmaceutical factory including HVAC system for class 10, electrical system, water RO, fire, ….


Cleanroom Contractor for B.Braun Factory, contractor for Sky City Twin Tower, HH1 GP Invest.

After the completion of the Meliphar factory project from the early days of construction, Remen continued to be the main contractor for the clean room system of the B.Braun plant. After that, we continue to undertake 2 more works as Sky City Twin Tower and HH1 GP Invest.


Royal City Air Conditioning System Improvement Project.

After completing 3 projects from 2010 to 2011, Remen continues to be the main contractor selected by VinGroup as a contractor for air conditioning systems for Royal City. Items are to be completed by February 2014. Next, the work is from February 2014 to 2016.


Thi công cho nhà máy Ojitex Bắc Ninh

Năm 2013, Remen đảm nhận vai trò là nhà thi công cho hệ thống nồi hơi 4.800kg/hr và cấp keo dán cho toàn bộ nhà máy Ojitex HP chi nhánh Bắc Ninh tại khu công nghiệp VSIP, Bắc Ninh


Construction contractor for SIS International School Singapore.

In parallel with completing the construction works at Royal City, we have successfully become the main contractor for SIS Singapore International School project in Kamuda urban area, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi. Construction is the ventilation system ventilation.


Thi công giải pháp “Ngân hàng đá” cho nhà máy Honda Hà Nam

Bên cạnh đó, Remen tiếp tục đảm nhận thêm 2 dự án ở Times City và trung tâm Almaz Home RiverSide. Ngân hàng đá là giải pháp tiết kiệm năng lượng tiên tiến hiện nay, có thể tiết kiệm tới 30% điện năng tiêu thụ của hệ thống Chiller. Nhờ đó, mỗi năm, nhà máy Honda Hà Nam tiết kiệm được hàng tỉ đồng.


Vinmart Hoai Duc and Vinpearl Vu Yen Golf Land

Remen became the contractor for two more works from Vinmart Hoai Duc and Vinpearl Golf Land Vu Yen, Hai Phong together with VinGroup.