Completes the project of Vinmart Hoai Duc

REMEN Contractor completes the project of Hoai Duc – Tan Lap Shopping Center, Dan Phuong, Hanoi.

After nearly 02 months of construction for the trade center project of Vinmart Hoai Duc, REMEN Contractor always asserted its position in the trust of customers by completing the project with the quality and the schedule. Today, 25/12/2016 just over a month of construction of M&E systems has been completed commisioning and ready for delivery to the owner to use. Although the time required is very short but the contract workers with the determination to complete the project for on schedule. In addition to the work complete for on schedule, the project has been highly appreciated by investors for quality and selected this is a typical sample of 400 projects of the Vinmart will be deployed in the future. Nothing is more happy when the efforts of the workers spent high achievement, received and appreciated by customers. It’s like a year-end bonus for all REMEN contract workers when a year of hard work in 2016 is to end, to embrace a new year with sequel projects awaiting.

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